Monday, March 29, 2010

If you were words on a page, you’d be what they call fine print.

I can't upload any photos, don't blame me. ):

I'm Become-A-Fan-ing on Facebook over and over again. I wonders how many pages I've joined, but it get rids of my boredom in some way or another. My brain is dying on me soon and I'm told to blog for this idiot once again. He's currently singing a love song to me that goes " I love you, You love me, We r one big family. " ♥

I cab over to his house this evening since there was a downpour. The cab fare was doubled due to the extra charges. ): Willy, Terence, Uncle, Weixin2 were playing Mahjong there and I was staring into spaces for one second, gazing at mahjong tiles for the next second, this went on and on for 3 hours, imagine that. :) Spent a long time hailing for cab while feeding mosquitoes, like kind only! :@

I feel so dumb tonight because of what Kenneth and Willy are trying to make me comprehend! Okay, fine. I'm not dumb, they're just trying to act smart. ;D

It's time for me to leave this site because it's getting late.
Goodnight and Goodbaiiiiiii ~

I'll stop loving you when diamonds never sparkle, and flowers cease to grow, when thunder doesn't echo, and rivers do not flow, when smiles are only memories, and hope is never felt, when trees no longer blossom, and the stars refuse to shine, when time has no more tomorrows, and rainbow have no hue, then I'll stop loving you.

Only I know you .Only I can see the you , you’re waiting to be.

I got told off for not blogging for myself . So here i am . And this is the end of the blog post .

Immature love says: ‘I love you because I need you.’
Mature love says: ‘I need you because I love you’

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Climb so fast just to fall again.

Hi people. It's 8.22am nao and I'm feeling so lethargic but I sacrificed my beauty sleep for this ungrateful boy yet again. :( Yawn.

He's quite temperamental nowadays. Like ofcourse laa. 14 days (including today) not having hughug for him to hug to sleep= pure torture. I shall return him his hughug soon, as I am afraid he'll turn into a monster >: (FYI, hughug is on my lap nao, jealouz? ^^)

Anyway, I've a great pixcha to show everyone reading this space! :)

See the small lil guy standing (last row), standing 2nd from the left? Guesssss who?! Hehehe if you're guessing, 99.9% of you are right, it's the self-proclaimed "cute" KennethT! :> Awww, he's so gna kill me if he sees this, but who gives! He's the one torturing me nao. :(

Anyway, random boy here told me last night that I don't keep my promise, so I am going to prove that I can! :> Whoopwoot!
And he asked me to makan, but if I makan he complain I fat, but "sweet" boy here's afraid that I'll get gastrics if I don't eat. By now, I'm already thinking of my fav soft boiled egg. :$

Okay, I am going to bed nao. My eyes r closing by itself already. I shall makan when I wake up, hehe. 

Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes we've got to break down and breathe.

I am having a bitchfit today. And someone isn't happy because I gave "one word replies" and hurt his lil fragile heart. So now I landed here, blogging for him. I've got nothing to post. His fb camp pixs r very gangsta. I very scared of him nao, how?? Shall I call 999? :/

He's saying he's a smartiepants for figuring out who's the "irritant", like, yeahright! Sure go stalk my profile one... Nao my fb filled with his stupid face, wth right! Humph... Okay, I shall let pictures spam this post because I've had so much bitchfits and down-to-earth mood, I've nothing to crap about. :/

Anw this is the pixxie he lurvvvvvv veli muchie. ^

Logo ftw sialllll. :O

And he skipped 4 rounds of dota to talk to me, sweeeeeeet much? Awww, chi chu! :/

Stop talking about love. Every asshole in the world says he loves somebody. It means nothing. It still doesn’t mean anything. What you feel only matters to you. It’s what you do to the people you say you love, that’s what matters. It’s the only thing that counts.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I don't belong, living in your precious memory.

Some people complained to me that he haven't seen me for 8 days, but I bet he's just missing a certian soft toy. Isn't that right? :/

And I am stuck on that line above.... Frustrating. Kenneth wants another l0ngl0ng post and I seriously have no inspiration whatsoever. He has been in a really foul mood nowadays and... Is he having his tidal wave? :$

Naaaaaah, I guess because he doesn't have hugx2 with him for the past 8 days and finally, his mind breaks down. Hehehe. (y) Fyi, hugx2 is essential for his quality sleep, I can tell. Becuz he's been mj-ing so much until he's dead tired and when they all leave, he can fall straight to sleep without missing hugx2. And he doesn't wanna admit it becuz it's far too cute for people to bear with it without dying of the immense cuteness. ^^

And, I told someone something and someone went :) - :( - :'(:'(:'(:'(:'( hehe! But anyway, as you can see, I am still here so someone can go back to :)/:D and continue his quest to......... (Insert stuffs here)

Argh!!!! I have nothing else to post, killing my braincells already. I am not full of crap today so I have got nothing to post at all. And I am going to sleep early 2nite because tmr school's starting and am a good girl attending it as you can already tell. And since Kenneth.T always claims that he's a "goodboy", let's see if he attends tmr. :)

Anyway i think that i should have an award for posting the most (if am not wrong) in his spider-web-growing blog. :@

She’s the girl who’s always laughing her ass off with her friends. You walk past her and you think, “Wow she must really be over me.” But no, she’s not over you, she wants you, but you never gave her a shot. She’s not faking that smile. She’s happy, but with you, she’d never stop smiling.


Am at some dark and quiet alley all alone nao and dumb2 Kenneth is replying me so slowly! But still nice to text me tho. He even reminded me of him breaching his dumb2 probation twice for the sake of me yay happwie gurl =^^= i'm bored so i shall be nice to give him a surprise post. He shall be touched and honoured h3h3. My maid is taking forever to come!! I shall continue pestering him till he realises the great posted for him when my battery is only left with 32% dang. Well, i remember i still owe you an apology and something sweet la kay. Sorry for not posting for you the other day, made you find someone else and still threw tantrums on you. Pouts hope you're not mad at me anymore! B4ib4i. (L)

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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Everything I think of you changes constantly.

Hai people , its 8am in the morning nao and i'm very bored so i decided to come and talk crap in this stupid space . Had been mj-ing non stop since yesterday 9pm :$ . Francis they all just left and i'm skipping cso today to catch some sleep lateron . Why isn't there anyone online / awake nao to entertain me when i haven't been in a really nice mood this few days , :@ . Die , i think i've moodswings worst then girls when they PMS . :$ . Okay la , i talk alot of crap already . Need to go sleep already . baibai aliens/humans/monsters/dinosaurs .

You realizing that I am everything you ever dreamed of, & then my imagination breaks away from all my self control …and I imagine you & I together, just like I always have.

Friday, March 19, 2010

(Z) + (K) + (X) = (L)

(H)> :D > :) > :( > :'( > = (L)

HEHE. Type that out on msn, cute much? It's Kthc's previous pm & pm currently!! And he copied me >: Idiot much?? and ({) + (}) = HUGHUGZ! :>

K is anyone interested in the nerd pix Kenneth is in?? The pix i mention on 15 March!! Well nao it's for you all to seeee because he said he wanted a cute ttm pixxie of him and i was gna go fb to look but he reminded me himselfffff ^^

K.ennethT - says:
*actualy i know you will use camp one :@
seee! hehe :$ ok.... the pix shall be up....

CAN YOU SPOT HIM?????? :O Enlarge it if you can't!!!! hehe. :$ Aww, don't be angry with me :$:$:$ he is gna play l4d(2) at parklane later i think? so stalkers pl0zpl0xpl0s go and stalk him!! :O he wants me to write a long and sweet post for him but.... no such thingszx!! ppl also need go out one ley, plus....

I sacrifised my eating time for him!!! sweet much?? >:


Hi , i am very dulan . Fuck . I need to kill someone . ARGH . :@

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hughughughughughug >:

This post shall be a short and sweet one about what happened todayyyyyyyyyyy . First , i woke up at 12 2day , used com and dilly dally til 12.30 . Went to bath and head down bugis . Then to rochor , 4bl and then cab down depot . Did all the praying stuffs and pretty much was just shaking leg down there do nothing . Left at 7.30 and head home . Waited for Francis and Anjing to come for mj . That fucking francis got drunk and didn't want to leave ! :@:@:@:@ . Kicked them out at 12am and used the stupid com til nao .

ESTELLEYONGXINWONGYIMIEMILIAEMELYNE WANTS ME TO DEDICATE A POST FOR HER . HERE IT IS , Idk what to say so all i've to tell you is that you've no hair , you stole my hughug away , you suck ballz , you're nerd , you're happy cause i dedicate my post for you :$ and lastly you love me for this post ! And you better do . Oki baibai !

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Three: To love you.

Kthc requested for me 2 blog for him again. He's gone to Neverland and he's never coming back becuz he met Peter pan and he wants to stay to look after the Lost Boys with him & defeat baddies like Captain Hook. :/

Last night he, as usual, mj-ed. Won (insert number here) but still isnt satisfied becuz he actually could've won (insert number here). Then becuz he played so long (until like, 7 in the morning?) he apologized for neglecting me (Y). I've no idea why they can manage to play for such long periods of time, maybe it's cuz I don't understand how to play mj but stilll... Staring at the tiles and thinking of what to throw, and keeping concentrated cuz someone might throw the tile you want... It'll give me a massive headache. And I can almost imagine someone calling me "Noob" already -______-"

Anw am feeling real agitated right nao and I feel like doing what I did in my dream: Buying a driller and drilling someone's head! :@ Arghz, I decided to blog for him nao because I've nothing to do anymore. My eye & brain cells are killing me, thinking of where to search, or if it's under some stuff or whatsoever. Arghz!! Bloodddddyhellz. :@:@:@ the book doesn't have legs so it can't run away from where I last put it, can it?

Oh joy. I've to let ppl wait for me and nag at me later on, again. >: Troublesome gayshit this is. I shall continue with burning my braincells for a stupid book >:

The problem with love is that you can love whoever you want, but so can he.

Monday, March 15, 2010

A perfect explanation.

Am being a kind soul and helping Kthc blog becuz his usual bloggers r out of town and he needs someone desperately to update his spiderweb-growing-space. (y)

He's just finished mj-ing with unknown people and he was supposed to win alotalot of $$ but ite won only (insert number here) and he feels :@ about it becuz he's thinking of all the $$ he could've pocketed. And last night he slept a happy man becuz he went to drink with alotalot of girls (i am juz kidding about this part) and before that went to a bbq. And poor him has to run around since ystd morning for the bbq and reason why I said he was poorthing: he had muscle aches, just like me, from camp.

Am feeling weary becuz of the long day I had, waking up so early, not sleeping a wink after that, drinking, cycling, falling down, and contacts feeling so dry but can't take them out. Sad case isn't it? And am being irritated by poor fuckers on msn, nudging me every few seconds when they can... Sad case ttm. Whole body's aching yet staying up to talk to just one idiot. Hao naise can i get!

He's complained that I didn't step foot into his blog for a loooooooooong time, and he wants a wordy longy post. Weeeeeeeeeell. I've got nth left to post, sad case #2.

+++++++++++ .....
I saw Kenneth's totally nerd pix and you non-damaians didn't seeeeeee! ^^
I shall save it in muai phone and show it to everyone sooooon :>
Ttfn, don't kill me. Hehez.

Sometimes, to love someone is bizarrely difficult. It takes a link by fate and years of memories.
But always, to love someone and to re-love someone again, it is so inexplicably exotic because it takes a glance to flush back years of memories and then to allow a floodgate of emotions to engulf you.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Screwed up .

Hi fuckers , I'm back from the grueling 3d2n camp , overall was okay til yesterday . There was a fucking bag check and I got caught for all those thing i shouldn't have brought , nao i'm so fucking fucked up without my phone . Weixin's being a bitch right now too by preparing so slow making me rot infront of his computer when i'm so fucking hungry . Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh . And to that one bloody idiot , stop being angry with me . I was joking about what i said this morning . And Vivian is off to hongkong , hah . Lucky she promised me presents ~ . Bon voyage .

Okay , Weixin that bitch is done now . I'm going off already . Shall blog later at night if i feel like doing so , byeeeeeeeee .

Thursday, March 11, 2010

All I have is all of me, and it's all that I can give.

Thankfully his text messages is still in my inbox if not I won't be able to find my way here. He's going to reprimand me for not remembering his password and username againnn.

Fuckyoulaaa blog owner is currently in some Jungle feeding mosquitoes, but I guess he's having campfire now. Poor boy told me the meals there suck and he did not sleep well. >: He sent nuclear bomb to my phone last night but I was already in dreamland. Yes, I ought to murder myself. Z face. He called me again this morning but I was still asleep, thus, he text me to remind me to blog for him and said he luv me tons. (Y)

Oh well, he'll be back tomorrow and I'll also be flying.
Miss me blogging for him for x days okie. ^^
Goodbye. :)

I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing.
With a broken heart, that's still beating.
In the pain, there is healing.
In your name, I find meaning.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A man falls in love through his eyes, a woman through her ears.

I'm supposed to blog today so i'm here i guess . School had been dull nowadays , went home straight to change and off to bugis > bigbird > arcade > suntec > marina > hsh . Nothing out of the ordinary happened so i can't elaborate much :/ . School camp is on wednesday and i haven't started buying my stuffs / packing , how cute . I think i'll die of boredom in camp . Junyong isn't going for camp __ . Anyway , to cqr : I just won til 580k on texas , want me to donate $ to you again ? HAHAHA . I'm done crapping right naoz so off i go . Shall blog again when i come back from the stupid camp :@ . Bye fuckers , go lick some ballz while waiting for me to be back .

Dummy , no words can express how much i love you .
If you think missing me is hard , you should try missing you .

Missing you just runs too deep.

I'm running out of ideas to keep this space alive so, I shall force the blog owner to update tomorrow before he leave for his camp. We shall join forces to coerce him into updating alrightz!! :D

Anyhow, we caught Being Human Being today at Century Square. We were late for the movies because some idiots wants to smoke and buy popcorns! Overall, this movie is kind of..senseless. But we all had a gr8 laugh with the "hot" thing. Went over to Bedok to meet Willy and company to slack till around 8pm. Kenneth is an idiot because he caused us alight one stop earlier and toured around Bedok! But oh well, they're sweet enough to send me back before U-turning back to their own houses. :) Thank you Xin2 and Ken2!! ♥

I shall end here now because it's getting late.
Goodnight readers.

To love from love : Bang wall before you crawls into your bed. Goodnight and remember to fetch me from school!!!!!! :)

Because I believe that, we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Only from the heart can you touch the sky

A stick always lightens my mood after every quarrel & fight .

Hi , I promised someone to blog tonight thus i'm here with no idea to blog whatsoever . I had a really boring day today so i'm not going to elaborate much about that too . Thus i'm left with nothing esle to blog so i shall start typing crap in this space . Idk if i should go club tonight or drink or stay at home and rot my day away since it makes no difference as i already did for the earlier part of today . And i'll be might be watching movies with an idiot tomorrow if i don't happen to go out with my mum , anyone wants to join ? C: . Alright , now that i'm done blogging for today , I hope my blog doesn't start to grow "grass " . Short and sweet .

Only by the heart, and not the mind, Can love be measured or defined.

Without you, I’m a fraction.

Hahahaa, so kewl. 

Kenneth promised me that he'll blog tonight, meanwhile, I shall keep this space alive :) It's Saturday and I'm using my time to blog for him + Yj, and crapping with him over text messages. Sweet. (Y)

I don't understand why he asked me to blog when his friend already ( he said ) hack in to blog for him yesterday and he's not at all gr8ful for that. I need at least one hour to think of what to blog, and destroyed at least ten thousands brain cells to think of a proper entry. Kenneth is so sinful. :( But he'll be bringing me for a movie tomorrow! Anybody wna join us????? :D

Okay, I'm done with second paragraph like finally. This idiot is going 4 camp this coming Wednesday and he'll fetch me from school before he attends the camp :) HEHE. I like! (Y) Shall give the thought of hacking into his blog a miss since he's not appreciative of what his friend have done. Bad boy.

It's time I leave, I've stayed in this site for more than ten years.
If Kenneth doesn't blog tonight, this blog shall grow more grasses.
Goodbye ! :)

The quietude isn’t so bad, Till I look at my hands and feel sad,
‘Cause the spaces between my fingers are right where yours fit perfectly.

Friday, March 5, 2010

A Perfect Explanation

Too bad I don't care I 'peeved' into his blog again hahehoho!! He self proclaims that I'm dumb because I told him ... like whattheheck only!! Meanie. Ok whatever. Since I'm in such a blithe mood today, I'm not to mention hao mean or contrary or naughty he is but to reveal to his readers hao nice he can actually be okay ^-^

The very first time we set our eyes on each other, he was very very shy. He dare not even introduce himself to me even though his brother told him to haha! The very next time we met was at my chalet when he was nice enough to breach his probation and stayed at the chalet for the sake of me hee!! But well, although his stay didn't last for long cos stupig Bryan brought him to drink but better than nothing boohoo. The third time was when I managed to psycho him all the way to Ehub to look for me LOL. Aww hao sweet right? Followed by 'reporting' and headed down to Depot together, the first time he left a scar on me, the first time he showed his care, the first time he took off the rough side of him and sayang me. Ling ding dong~ Only yesterday, I was so nice to fetch him from his school and tagged along till he had to entertain so many of his friends and forgot all about me hate him ttm tsktsk!

Well, the most memorable memory was when he sang me a birthday song and can you believe it I recorded it down. Haha this sillybum's birthday song always cheers me up~ Although he wasn't really very willing to sing it but he still was glad I'm contented so easily right, oinkoink? Afterall, I just want to thank you for being so nice to a ignorant girl like me and for enduring my childish-ness. :)

Yay I'm so nice I think this is the longest post he ever had in his site. Ding dang dong he owes me one ^^v

P.S KTHC you should really stop saying you're more adorable than me!! (pouts x100)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Clumsy cause I'm falling in love.

Hi aliens from outer space,
I'm from Earth, nice to meet you.

I shall tell you the concept of grass today, but before I begin..
Kenneth told me he wants to eat grass when I asked him to bang the wall. Cute (Y). I shall extract some grasses from HongKong for him to plant in his room so that he can devour it whenever he wants. I'm sweet, aren't I? :) 
Okay, backtrack. I asked Kenneth to eat grass initially because he asked me to bang wall. So I was tongue-tied and thus, I thought of Damai - his school. The only thing I know about this school is, ahead of it lies a huge plot of grass! Okay, I know it's lame, but I thought it was true, no? :(

Anyway, Kenneth came to meet me for a few minutes today at Century Square!!! He got pinched by me and he was very elated plus gratified because he says : 打是疼, 骂是爱. [: It's 11:11 now, time for bed because I just had a long day and I'm going to have another long day tomorrow.

Goodbye and with love,
Human from Earth.

Even the best fall down sometimes, even the wrong words seem to rhyme. Out of the doubt that fills my mind, I somehow find you and I collide.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hi dummy! I'm here once againnn. I hacked in this time so... Don't hate me pretty pleaze? Heheh you know waiting for your call can be so boring?? Dang you boohoo :(

Eh eh I know being late is my bad but I still went to fetch you right! Sorry if I made you angry by pinching your face. Aww, I know you won't bear to be mad at me right right? ^~^

You have yet to post on my blog if you realised, ass! Well I shall forgive you this time since you sayang my wound today.. Oie!! Lying is a sin you know?! *sew shut Okie nao your secret is safe with me :\

See you outside your school tomorrow! Promise to be on time. Since the title of the previous post is also my ink, I named your post with another ink of mine too LOL. Enough of crapping. I'm dozing off already. You better call me sooooon. Kthxbai ^^v

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

S(he) Be(lie)ved.

I have so many unaccomplished tasks, nevertheless, I shall be nice to blog for KennethT since he's so sweet(for once) yesterday to come all the way down to Tampines from Novena to fetch yours truly. He waited for me for 1 hour!!! Overjoyed and touched of course. ^^

Then he accompanied me home and waited for me (again) to change. Walked to tmall/cs/t1 and saw Willy Yz Xinxin. They accompanied me for frolick before taking a bus back. And Kenneth walk with hands in his pocket yesterday because I don't want him to walk 306-ly (like a gangster). ^^ He is the best yesterday, and that is for yesterday only.

This idiot is going for a camp next week while I'm going to HK. It'll be daaaays without him. ): Oh well, I'll try to buy him and Moh gay gay a couple tee. Sweet! (Y)

I'm done blogging about whatever-under-the-sun, and done adding something. :D
I might hack into his blog when he's in camp, don't tell him okie. Winks*

No matter where you are, no matter where your life may take you, and no matter who you’re with, you’ll always have a piece of my heart.
Love, xoxo.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Perfect Lullaby

Obviously the very nice birthday girl me, is posting for the very-lazy-pigpig+dummy+bully+kuku+hunneh. He is forever lazy, right?? Boo!! I have not even uploaded any images of my chalet for my own blog yet I'm here for this lazybum. Hao nice can I get?? Well, least this dummy sang a birthday song for me (solo) and I was rather touched so... I guess it's fine. H3h3. Ehhh. I don't know what to post ley~ Want pix from that web, want long posts, want this and that. He think he boss ah!! I call the shots today ogeys. Hate chux. Blehs :P

Ok fine. Mr. Nice made an effort to come for my chalet and looked for me 3 times. Kool~ I shall be nice back to him next time pinky promise. (if you can see, i'm still trying to make the post looks longer in case my boss complaints sighs) Hmm, a rather 'good boy' he have been for reaching home in time. Hahah!

Dingdangdong. Kenneth likes 'pot calling the kettle black'. He keeps calling me dummy. Pouts x100. Neway, I know he'll love me for this LOL. Kthxbai ^-^