Monday, March 29, 2010

If you were words on a page, you’d be what they call fine print.

I can't upload any photos, don't blame me. ):

I'm Become-A-Fan-ing on Facebook over and over again. I wonders how many pages I've joined, but it get rids of my boredom in some way or another. My brain is dying on me soon and I'm told to blog for this idiot once again. He's currently singing a love song to me that goes " I love you, You love me, We r one big family. " ♥

I cab over to his house this evening since there was a downpour. The cab fare was doubled due to the extra charges. ): Willy, Terence, Uncle, Weixin2 were playing Mahjong there and I was staring into spaces for one second, gazing at mahjong tiles for the next second, this went on and on for 3 hours, imagine that. :) Spent a long time hailing for cab while feeding mosquitoes, like kind only! :@

I feel so dumb tonight because of what Kenneth and Willy are trying to make me comprehend! Okay, fine. I'm not dumb, they're just trying to act smart. ;D

It's time for me to leave this site because it's getting late.
Goodnight and Goodbaiiiiiii ~

I'll stop loving you when diamonds never sparkle, and flowers cease to grow, when thunder doesn't echo, and rivers do not flow, when smiles are only memories, and hope is never felt, when trees no longer blossom, and the stars refuse to shine, when time has no more tomorrows, and rainbow have no hue, then I'll stop loving you.

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