Sunday, January 31, 2010

That's when I love you.

Hi aliens giants ghosts humans bi les gays! *waves eggcitedly

As usual, Kenneth Tan wants me to help him post, and he's forever complaining about the length of my posts, asking me to post looooooooooooooooooooooooongloooooooooooooooooooooooooooong, and because I didn't when I said I would (had no inspiration to post!), he now wants a 15cm post without adding video length. Still say he very good, tsk! I think I'm much better, aren't I? :)

Awww. Anyway, he can be good if he wants to. If not, *sigh* he's so evil. But, truthfully, a few times he did make my day when I wasn't feeling happy. He did made me smile and laugh without even meaning to. And once, when I wasn't feeling well, he sent me home even though his probation's at 9, and it was already 8plus. Well, we live quite near each other, but that's not the point. It's the thought that counts right? Hahaha. Plus, he took "revenge" for me on our MT teacher just because our teacher made me so irritated (to the point where I really wanted to slap him). Hahah, Kenneth probably did it to fill his boredness, but still... ^^

But nevermind, I like the way he tells me "syg", the way he shows concern, the look that he gives when he thought I was crying (cause I was crying before), the way he takes care of me when I'm semi-high (don't even talk about drunk, noone can tolerate me when drunk, hah!). And he even said that the way I pestered him for cigg is cute, ZOMGWTFLOL can! But frankly speaking, I think the way I draw him is the cutest. Ever.*thumbs up.

Well, but still, sometimes he's so mean, the way he shoots you back until you're bwg, and boasting (like how i always feel like smoking and he tells me, "I'm smoking right nowz . HEHE .")

Now his pm's changed to "Heartbreak hotel", what meaning siakz. He's got another person's heart to break already izit, tsk. He break more girls' hearts hor... *shakes head. When's he gonna learn to actually like someone and not treat girls like toys? *Sigh. Nvm, he'll suresuresure find until a girl that can actually change him to someone tx! :> See, i believe in him leyz. Touched not?!

ARGH, anyw, i really nothing to post already la, whatever I can think of all jotted down here already. !#$^&()&#%($#%$
I sure hope the post is longer than 15cm already @@.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kenneth is not cute :)

Hi readers . Kenneth's being a pig yet again . Snoreee , really , he should just close down his blog (Y)

He come school , might as well don't come sialz . Recess jiu go report sick naoz , then pangseh me in MT , made me get irritated with the teacher . Hehez , nvm lah hor , 2day he help me revenge naoz . Funnyfunny . And , k lah , help him say some good words since I told him he wasn't cute and "hurt" his feelings just now . He can be very caring if he wants to yknw , ahas .

Anyway  ,what are you all doing for Valentine's day/CNY !? It's sooo boring , both same day . Yawns , nevermind la , hahaaa . No valentines ppl can be happy by getting angbao too rightz , must look on the bright side ! :> 

K la k la , iie dunchh hav3 ny'thiinqq tuhh p0st niia0z , buaiibuaiix ♥

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hi readers of Kenneth's blog. I'm here to help him update his blog again. But seriously Kenneth, why don't you just close this blog since you're so lazy to update. Kbye ^^

Nerd hairstyle ♥

They look like monkeys :O

Hi peoplez!! Hehe. I'm helping Kenneth Tan the lazy pig to blog again, becuz he is forever lazy to blog himself. Isn't that right? ^^

Last night, was drinking session @ his hus, chivas again. Followed by a trip over to Terence's> Martell. Then they play mahjong :O So fun meh, i totally catch no ballz. Snortsnort.

And our dear Kenneth Tan here cut Bangsy & slope. HAHAHA. Nerd hairstyle. (Y) Goodboy.

I GOT NOTHING TO POST, haiyoz. Lousy post, I'm sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry. Baibaix

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heheeee. Hi pplz. I'm here to help a certain dumbpig to blog again. Shouldn't he just change his lazy habits? TSK. But nevermind. He's been TRYING to make me happy. Emphasize on the trying. ^^ Cause it actually isn't working, only at times when he gives me, something starts with C. But it's like only thrice. So it isn't really making me happy. *Shhhh. Keep this lil secret for me will you? :b

Alright, i bet Kenneth Tan wants me to write how nice and how cute he is. HAHA, i just mentioned how NICE he is on the above paragraph already. :O And to how cute he is... Actually he's not cute at all. He's just acting cute!! HAHAHAHA.

And, very sorry for the, super duper long time taken to post :/ I've been busy.~
I know Dummy will be kind enough to forgive me right? ^^ And, everyone's talking about 14siao~ Ohmygod, -.- Am speechless with that kind of people :O Lifeless? Probably.

I'm getting tired, *yawns*
Sorry dummy, for not writing a longlong post for you. I'll make it up to you next time alrightz? HEHEX

Monday, January 18, 2010

No liquorrrrrrrrrr ):

Fuck laaaaaaaaaa , looking at others drinking infront of you , yet you can't have a single drop , how screw up will you feeeeeeel . :/ . Today was tiring ! School - mama - handballz - home . Hehe , i'm slowly becoming a good and nice and kind and obedient and clever student now , I even go for my cca's ! And i've a sad week infront of me now , Tuesday - Mcys reporting . Wednesday full packed til 9pm . Thursday - ? . Friday - REPORTING AGAIN , OMGZ . Sat , sunday not confirm yet . Just thinking of the fucking sad week i've makes me want to kill myself . Cb . I want my night life back . 72 weeks of probation and i've only cleared 2 weeks .
80 hours of cso left still . FML . Anyway , to the dumbdumb that posted for me in the last post , you want your new urban male bag , i want my burberry one too (; . Bye idiots .


Sinyi : You sit ontop leyz .
StefL : See my mood .
Pearlyn : I don't know ley .
Naomi : Okay .
Jiali : Which part ahbeng sial , i look so nerd and guai now okay ! Ssb won't come find me one , and black room not for me already ^_^ .
Audrey : Working to support me ahs .
Joycelyn : Is you oki . ):
Willy : You need to learn to suck ma DICK .
StefL : I did tagged .
EmiliaElisha : Shutupz , not funny kay !
Yongjun : Why don't you go screw yourself / fuck spider .
Pearlyn : No , i didn't . (L) .

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dumb x2!

Hiiiii stupid idiot dumbdumb! :D
Continue drinking & I hope you have 'liquor belly' soon!
Hahs, hatez mez yeahz! :D

Okays, this dumbdumb begged me to help him post! :B
So as a kind soul, I agreed to. Hehs!
&This was what he did yesterday..
In the afternoon, he went to Tamp to meet his friend.
&Then trained down to Orchard Ion to shop, followed by Tangs.
From there, they walked towards Far East to continue shopping.
Aftermath, they trained down to Bugis to shop AGAIN.
Omg, seriously.. What is he? Shopping freak? :/
Hmms, then from Bugis they took the train back to Tamp.
Cabbed to Changi to buy liquor, then bused home &wait fr his friends to meet him there.
When they reached, they started their mahjong &drinking. :)

Hahas! Dumbdumb, is this good enough? :D

Friday, January 15, 2010

Hello, readers of Kenneth's blog :) . As requested, I'm here to help him since he's .
As he told me, he scored full marks for POA. Unbelievable sial. Kenneth this kind of pattern also can study. Then I think I also can already. Kenneth wants me to write about how nice he is, so..
I think I have nothing to say about that. Always teasing me and such. How can you be a good guy :( ,! Anyway KennethTHC, you better study hard for Sec 3 aye! ^^ I don't wanna see you in sec 3 twice like how I saw you in sec 2 twice. Till here then! Kbyez.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Let's make passionate love .

Hi people , i decided to post myself 2day . Can't be lazy all th wayz , HAHA .
Things were fun after sch 2day . Went Schoolz > Changi > Bugis > Dhoby > Parklane > Home 2day . Quite happening ahz , and i realise theres a fucking bunch of stalker that came to my blog and fucking left without tagging . Slap yourself m'fuckers . And ah , MY HUSBAND VERY GOOD ONE SIALZ , WANT TO GO NEW YEAR SHOPPING WITH ME SIALZ . HE WILL BUY ME LV , GUCCI AND CHANEL STUFFS FOR ME . HEHEHEHEHEHE .

Tagz .

Zhiqing : I v lazy leyyyyyyy , next time then link .

Willy th pubor : I got ask if i care you quit mj liaoz mey ! And i probation ley , of cause left already lahz ): .

Flower : Fuckyou die . Sec 3 huantio you ahz .

Rebecca : CANNOT AHZ !

Joycelyn : Shutup piggy , you change already !

LIYANRONG!@: Ji lor lai buay paiseh one ley , you die where already sialz . Your son miss you v much manz .

Monday, January 11, 2010

Pinky pokey piggy ,

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Part 1.

Second post on the board! Yuck, stupid housefly made me post for him again. (I must profess that I'm not doing it willingly ~) HAHAHA. Kenneth says: "I am a big big retarded monkey who doesn't know how to use the keyboard. So I need someone to post for me." AHAHAHAHA. Shhhhhh. He'll slaughter me into million of pieces if he sees this. Hehe. Alright, I'm wondering what should I post now. This time I have no idea what to write ascribe to the weariness I've obtained during dance lessons just now. My eyes are shutting soon. However, I don't feel like sleeping so early! Raaaaaa.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Part 2.

SCREAAAAAAAM. I am dying soon. Stupid housefly keeps groaning over the fact that he's bored and has nothing to dooooooooo and yet he doesn't wants to post! What a dumb x2 rightrightright! Roaaaaaaaaaaaar. Still enjoying his life watching teevee. >;@

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Part 3

HOUSEFLY! Now I'm done blogging, so are you gonna reward me with some presents? ^-^ 14 more days to get me my birthday present okay! Big reminder stated here! Open your eyes big big and assimilate every word and bear them in mind! HEHEHE. :D Toodles!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ghost is back.

Hai pplz ghost is back to help Kenneth post! he want me to be creative and post alot of pixxxxxxzx. Wth!! hmmmmmz.... i dunno what to post, alamak. Ok, kenneth is gay. HAHAHA.

This is prove he's gay hehz. And his singing sure crack all the glass one. then all the damage fines he need to pay. Wtf i feel like i'm talking to myself. :/ Nevermind. He cracked all the glass, and unable to pay the fine, so that's why he got sued up to court and got probation :O is it a convincing story to you all? ^^ Actually, yea. It's just a story, it ain't real. Hahahahaz, ok la i nth to post alr, i dw post longlong for that dumbdumb he also ll right ^^ hehe kkkkkzxzxzx bai pplz!! :)

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I was demanded by kenneth.T to help him blog.
He was drunk now, i guess .
after coming back from Jx's Bbq .

Yeah, and he's sec three . Finallly like long pants alr ah.

okay, i shall end here with a short post.
Sorry, idontknow what else to type alr .

Friday, January 8, 2010

Kenneth is gay.

Hi geeks gays lesbians homos bis and blahblah. This dummie here is very lazy to blog, so am posting for him! His expectations very high, want a super lengthy post, with many pixxie (quote from him)! Idk what to post leh, so challenging..
A women was pregnant with triplets.

One day she goes into this bank as it was being held up. She gets shot 3 times in her stomach, but luckily she lives.

She goes to the doctor who tells her her children will be all right, one day the bullets will come out.

So 16 years later, one triplet, a girl, runs out of the bathroom and says "MOM, MOM, I WENT TO THE BATHROOM TO PEE AND A BULLET CAME OUT!" So the mother tells her the story.

The next day the second daughter comes out and says the same thing, "MOM, I WENT TO THE BATHROOM TO **** AND A BULLET CAME OUT!"

On the third day the eldest son comes out and says "MOM, MOM!" she goes "Let me guess, you were going to the bathroom and a bullet came out?" he replies "NO, NO, I SHOT MY GIRLFRIEND IN THE MOUTH AT THE BATHROOM!"
hehez cute rightz!! see, this will make it lengthy. i'm sucha smartie pantsy, unlike that dummie -.- But, still.. he intended to go join in the sec 1 campfire, for the fun of it. But he got kicked out, sad much? ^^ and poorpoor him, need to reach home early everyday, while i can be out playing and enjoying life :O Aw, let's not rub salt into his wound anymore ,alright. Hehe. Ok i got nothing much else to post already ,except , I'MA GHOST! So don't guess who i am ,you'll never get it right ^^

Okay, byebye people! I'm gonna go out enjoy my life while poor Kenneth is stuck at home using comp!! :B
*Sorry ah dummie, no pixs, hehez!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

I'm contagious .

Hi ppl , yesterday was a very fucked up day so i don't want to elaborate muchz . Today morning wake up , prepare finish went bustop meet qunrong . Bus tgt to school , walk halfway to mama only give raj catch my fucking hair ): . All the lessons was fucking boring shit , thankgod i had junyong to entertain for the first few periods . INDIAN MOTHERFUCKER . HAHAHA . Home , dota til 7 jiu go down petal pass js his ezlink and cut my hair . Fucking cb fringe like *&#@&*(*&*#@ nao . Ball til 8.30 and bused home . Coughing and sneezing like no tomorrow right now . Bye pplz .

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Poor little thingy.

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Wassup geeks! Meow, I don't know why the hell am I posting... but yes. Perhaps ascribed to the stupid fact that stupid Housefly has gone to the court? :O Yea, he went for his hearing & was pathetically sentenced 15months of probation. As a result, he gave school a miss today and probably he's busy and that perhaps explains the reason why I'm here. So poor thing. No clubs, no tonning over, no CNY celebrations, no birthday party, no x'mas party etc. As you can see, so that explains the picture on top. Ok, let's offer our condolences. Oops. AHAHAHAHAHA. Hmm, I'm not very sure if I was allowed to write all these down... However, this seems to be the only thing to talk about isn't it, Housefly? So don't blame me if I'm supposed to be barred from stating all these particular details down down down. Hehe. At this time, I guess he's otw or perhaps at Tpy to find his dumb x2 probation officer. Alright, I'll let Ktcy do the rest of the elaboration and writing about the happenings himself. (If there's still something he would like to further talk about on.) As for now, let me just end it hereeee. Goodbye!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Just reach home from school , today was plain dumb of me to go . Supposed to be going wildwildwet in th morning but the motherfucker woke up late . Sadz , first day only so many teachers pick on me for nothing , fucked up . At least i saw a new vegetable in school and i've Junyong to disturb in class when i'm so bored , his going to retain again this year if i continue being like that . HAHAHA . Gonna go prepare and go out settle some stuffs alr . Byez .

Tagz :

Willy : You pb ? O:

Zeting : Hi buddy .

Wx : Hi baby !

Pearlyn : As always . (;

Howard : Thanks , link !

Ben : Alright , whats your link ?

StefL.Jiayu : Link you laterz (: .

Naomi : Hi backz (: .

Guanhua : Fuck you , you nerd ? I who also link , jiu shi don't want link you . HAHA

Venice : (: .


Steffichua : HI DOLLFACE . C:

Yuting : Yeahz , you still owe me my piglet + birthday present ley !


Sunday, January 3, 2010

Nerd hairstylez

Wake up at 12 , prepare . 3 left home > Petal > 700 + > Bedok inter > Bugis > Home .
Weez , fucked up hair i've now . Earned $40 doing surveys at bugis also . MUAHAHAHAHA .
Boring dog day 2dy , though i went to meet baby for that 5 seconds only cause of the stupid probationz . ); . Bye fuckers .

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Suck me .

2009 was bullshit , 2010's my year bitches .

Hiz . My new year eve's countdown was gayshit with tons of liquor and hot girls @.@ , went home drunk like nobody's business O: . Went for movies yesterday and stayed home the whole day today . O: . Hehe , feel so proud of myself . I did this blog ALONE MYSELF , though i know this blog won't survive for more than a month againz . <: . Oki , i go makan already , lastlyyyyyyyy . I miss my babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (L) .