Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dumb x2!

Hiiiii stupid idiot dumbdumb! :D
Continue drinking & I hope you have 'liquor belly' soon!
Hahs, hatez mez yeahz! :D

Okays, this dumbdumb begged me to help him post! :B
So as a kind soul, I agreed to. Hehs!
&This was what he did yesterday..
In the afternoon, he went to Tamp to meet his friend.
&Then trained down to Orchard Ion to shop, followed by Tangs.
From there, they walked towards Far East to continue shopping.
Aftermath, they trained down to Bugis to shop AGAIN.
Omg, seriously.. What is he? Shopping freak? :/
Hmms, then from Bugis they took the train back to Tamp.
Cabbed to Changi to buy liquor, then bused home &wait fr his friends to meet him there.
When they reached, they started their mahjong &drinking. :)

Hahas! Dumbdumb, is this good enough? :D

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