Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lost sight, couldn't see.

Hi! This is the 2nd person I'm blogging for today, and it's 3rd if Iinclude myself! I type also will type until my hands tired one lehz. :( And he doesn't wanna breach probation for me, so baddddd. Can go die already, can breach to watch one midnight movie, breach go drink, cannot breach for me. Idiot anot?! HAHA. I don't even know why I want him breach. -.- Just being super random. Cute what like that! :>

Anyway, to this super idiotic dummy right here, takecare of your fucking wounds!! Idiot, china dog head open blood spill. Darn cool right?! Wish I could've seen it. :@

Well. I'm stuck on that sentence above. I've got nth to post!!! I'm tired, that's all I can say. Hehehe. Gonna turn in soonsoonsoon! Okey, bai pplx. (L) me! ;>
I like short and sweet posts. HAHA.

Friday, February 26, 2010

_|_ .

Fuck all you china dogs from bedok north sec , screw you imbeciles . Screw your fucking 18 generations . Ccb , fucking ahguas . Please go dig yourself a hole and hide in it , i'm coming for you motherfuckers . KNN .

Thursday, February 25, 2010

I was thirteen when i had my first love .

Hi , i'm back after being mia for afew million years :@ . I'm being forced to blog when i don't know what i should blog . >: . Beeen mahjong-ing alot lately / DotA , I think i'm super no life already , awwwwwww .
Okay , i been stucked on the line above for 10 mins already , another 5 mins just passed . Now someone is calling me dumb for not knowing what to blog and another is asking me to blog about me being retarded .

I don't think i've anymore things to add on , so i shall end here .
& Dummy , yknw i love you .

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ants and importance.

Hi! I was asked to blog once again because someone complained that this blog is rotting. It's sprouting spider webs, smells of rotting wood and, gosh, can you see insects crawling all over? Know why? Because I've not been on this space for more than 48 hours! Need my existence what, HAHA.

Anyway, today I realised that ants are more important than I am. And know what, I feel very sad about it. :( You, too, will feel sad okay! Okayyyy... Today Kenneth says Chinese was fun, because he got 41/50. Then he very happy.

And he's been Mahjong-ing lately. Lose money, win money, never lose never gain, I don't know. I am not interested in any gambling related stuff. Mainly because I don't really know the concepts and all. :$ Don't laugh lah okie!!! It's good anyway. He supposed to Mahjong today again, but since they're short of 1 person, they didn't Mj. Instead, Kenneth went to emo at home. Not only that, still play dotA.

Where's the fun in dota, seriously. You just click here click there, pwn someone's head for 250 gold (LOL, i think?), then kill some monsters and an hour has passed. And a game is so long! Wth, should shorten the time!

Hmm, yeah. My eyes are pretty much closing soon. I've still gotta wake up early for school tmoz. Saddest thing ever. Actually no, it's not the saddest thing ever. The most heart wrenching thing is that, you see something get slaughtered infront of you. Be it a fish, a rat, a cat, an insect(ok i dont rly care much bout insects), pig, frog, whatever... It really hurts. Imagine you're the animal or wtv @@. Aww, I'm crapping. Someone's gonna say I'm mad. Who gives! Okay, I shall end here. Baibai ppl, ♥

Sunday, February 21, 2010

To a very humongous idiot right here,
please get better soon. Xx

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kenneth is a big idiot!

Doesn't everyone agree with this post's title? :>

I'm currently eating kinder bueno! "Hang on, I'm bueno-ing!" HAHAHA. Okay, whatever. And so cool, I got the pic right again! He wants this pic and he didn't even tell me where he want it from!!! :D How smart of me.

Anyway, he made me very happy today. 

He got me something like that, only the bear is smaller and it's brown, and it's attached to the roses. And there's only 3 roses! HAHAHA. (Y) Idiot jiu shi idiot. ♥ Right? And he want con me into helping him blog leh. Msn halfway tell me "Hi i love you. Help me blog." Idiot enough anot?! Still everytime say I no hair, lack of hair, noob, big noob, and etc! Stupid little big idiot!

Hahah, and he stalk me leh, so cute right! But... Too bad lah, I don't care, and I don't love him! I love the bear more, and he got jealous! Then tell me... Want go hong other girls already. HEHEHE :> Jealous then say lah ok! ^^

I don't feel like blogging long today, because recently, when Kenneth asks me to help him blog, he didn't include the "longlong" and I actually blogged longer and longer. Going become old grannie already. Sad case! So today I'm not gonna blog long! Kbaix!! ^^

And he said I post slower than a turtle. Turtles can't type you know, you little big idiot. HAHA.Mintiannisiwodeoh!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

What does it prove? Nothing.

I AM A SMART GIRL. I KNOW KENNETH WANTED ME TO POST THIS PIC. HAHAHA I AM SO SMART!!! I am very happy with myself. I finally bought something. Lol :>

Anyway... Kenneth Tan said that he'll send me to school tomorrow! Sure only want collect present only. @@ And his reason for not wanting to attend school is fairly lame. Because he has gold hair now. LIKE WTF RIGHT!!! I don't want go also need go, how sad isn't it. :(

Anyway, am blogging cus as usual Kenneth Tan asked me to help him blog again. H3h3x i posted the most in his blog. Can become my blog already, and he says it's good cus he doesn't need to blog already. -.- Makes no difference actually. This blog is updated by so many different people, totally not his blog anymore. 

He says I should be honoured to be blogging for him. Why should i feel so? Such a torturous mission! And he still say until so happy, smack him ;> And he just laughed at me because I asked him what is USD -.- He wanna buy an iPad. Why the fck apple named it iPad. Sounds so paddy. @@ Not nice at all can!

K.ennethT - says:
*Noob la .
*You know
*pokemon right
*got one called snorlex .
*You can be that one .
*Its fat , it sleeps alot
*and its slow .

*Storms off.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cause it feels like an overdose.

Hie pe0pl3x. Firstly, Happy valentine's day! :DD and then, Secondly, happy lunar new year for chinese! ;)

Kenneth is very mao dun. First say, he don't love me. Then he say he love me too much until cannot explain. Like totally .___. rightzx!! Then... He also keep saying I no hair, I literally no hair. Like he's got alot of hair, isn't it?! He go cut skin head best laaa. ;> Doesn't it suit him well? TEEHEE :B I think he's on his way to tpy now to bai nian. He got alot of $$ already right? Need help me buy lingerie and valentine's day pressie and pure chocolate hor! ;) HAHAHA. But this kind of lao ahpek... Will buy one meh! :/

He also owes me 24hours lehz. ;( He 2day no time spent with me, I vehli dah sadz. So I ask him accompany me 24hours, he say "tell me you love me first !" then now he owes me 24hrs! ;) And, I'm verli zeelouz about something, he last night went to watch midnight valentine's movie with some girl!! :@ Nahhhhh, kiddingz. But there was a girl there though O: whatever lah sialz~ He want make love with other girls also his house problem alreadyz @@.

Tonight... He's gonna be drinking with Myj and idk who. Then later he'll be heading to love hotel make love with some girls. Then go their houses. Then morning then he'll head home. Allllll well planned out. "I'd rather make love than fight." LOLZ!! That's random. It's a lyric from KennethT's songs .___.

Anyway, this arseh0le used to make me feel like that...
"What you got boy is hard to find
I think about it all the time
I'm all strung out, my heart is fried
I just can't get you off my mind"

HAHA. I guess this will be the only sweet part in this bloody nonsensical post!! :/ I'm sorry kthc~
Okay, i gotta go already. BYEBYE PEOPLE. LOVE ME (L)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hi , <:

This post is dedicated for one really fucking nice person (Y) .
Hi , yknw . I'm really not oblivious to what you're doing outside .
Though its not my house problem , but still . __ YOU (: .
You can go flirt and go have fun with other guys outside .
I already got over/bored that kind of lifestyle , now you're starting to walk in my footsteps .
Aww , enjoy hurting innocent people's heart . (: (: .
I'll just do the same , you've other guys out there .
Your dearest me have no lack of girls , i can go and play around if i want to .
Lets just see who'll have the last laugh alright <: .
Now , i'm not naming anyone . But if you think its you , its definately you .
The oh so lovely girl in other's eye .
(Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) (Y) .
( Kenneth is the one at the right, looking retarded! )

Kenneth is my dumb x6.
Kenneth just admitted being dumb today. (Y)
Kenneth did not attend school today.
Kenneth is not going to school tomorrow again.
Kenneth is influencing me with his ditching-school habit so I'm giving school a miss tomorrow as well.
Kenneth makes me stare blankly at this page for twenty five minutes thinking about what to type.
Kenneth's tattoo will be gone in no time because he's damn fierce/unfriendly/dao to me. ^^

I am damn exasperated because I'm stuck at the sentence above -.-
In my entire life, I've only helped MYJ blogged once or twice. Beginner stillz!
Kenneth is the second, honored or not?! Sweet right! ^^
I'll persuade this blog's owner to blog soon yupyupyup.
Time for bed since I'm stuck again, ohwellszzzz..
Goodnight! ♥!

For Kenneth only laaaaa. :')

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hongster or non-hongster?

I like this peek, don't you? ;)

Here to help KennethTanHongChang to blog again. Seriously, I'm so kind can!

HEHE, so anyway, today's topic will be...
Do you think Kenneth Tan's a hongsterrrrrr? Hehe, comments and opinions on the tagboard pl0xx! ;) Cause he claimed he isn't...

And evidence? The text he sent me!
" Only hongsters lie to girls , unlike me . So nice one ~ . "
HAHA, so anyway. Do post your opinion on the tagboard keh. :>

Yarghhhhh. Okay, so he's trying to act cute. Cause my legs are hurting, he asked me to put plaster. And I'm actually meaning my bones, how am I supposed to put plasters on my bones! Act cute leyz! Tsk. 

Monday, February 8, 2010

Nothing takes the taste out of peanut butter quite like unrequited love.

Anyone missed me ? <: .
It's been 1001 years since i blogged for myself . hehe :$ .
I went to school 2day and did practically nothing til recess , O: . Climbed out of school and lepak at mama for quite awhile . Then bus home 2 change . Went down damai and wait for yj to take my stuff . Then tmall and hsh . Imma go 2 bed right now . Bye all you motherfuckers who read and don't leave me a fucking tag . cb .

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Harder than you know.

Hi readers, I got back from school an hour ago, and bathed finished, used comp, and chatted with Kenneth Tan for 5 minutes and he just logged off msn, and the reason why I'm posting is cause he wants me to help him post while he's outside. Hehe, poor kid. Needs to reach home in about 4hr 33mins more. :>

And obviously I'm not gonna post as long as the previous previous's post, cause took up all my braincells and left me with a blank head. Mmh, so sad, he can't watch 6+ onward's movies, hehe. Shan't say him lahhor, cus some ppl these few days treat me vehli gud leyz! (L) hor hor hor?

Snore, I'm pretty tired already, feel like sleeping. And irritating fuckers have been irritating the shit out of me! Low tolerance for bullshit and crappy talks. Don't know why I'm ranting on kthc's blog, I guess it's to make the post longer, since he requested a longer post? O; Whatever, I'm lazy to blog on my own blog anyway, hehe.

And screamo songs are nice, don't you think so. It kinda makes me feel better listening to it while I'm pissed, don't know why. This is totally random, but I just listened to one and I remember kthc agreeing with myj that it sucks. -_-" Anyway, it sucks losing your mp3s, cause then, where ever you go, you need to go music-less, and it's so bloody boring. ):

Okay, I should stop now, my eyes r closing, and I spent about 47 minutes on this blog post, posting nonsense :/ Hehe, and I'll end this post with his bird face! ^^ (plz dont killz moi when eu see dhiis !)

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hi ppl, again! :> You know, the usual= Kenneth's lazy 2 blog so he asked me to help him! Really should close down your blog niaoz! Tskkkk. I'm like such a good person y'knw, keep helping ppl blog! :<

I want continue my series of Hi my sweetheart then he asked me blog one leh, distrupt my plans, mean isn't he? Still want count valentine's present leh, I don't want count present, I want count $$, hehehehe. (L)

And he owes me pure chocolate, must remember buy for me try ahz. ^^

K.ennethT - says:
*BUy for yoou 
Note: I didn't force him @ all :)So, yeah. He must buy for me. :):):) I've got nut thing else tuh post niao. So buaiibuaii ♥