Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Ants and importance.

Hi! I was asked to blog once again because someone complained that this blog is rotting. It's sprouting spider webs, smells of rotting wood and, gosh, can you see insects crawling all over? Know why? Because I've not been on this space for more than 48 hours! Need my existence what, HAHA.

Anyway, today I realised that ants are more important than I am. And know what, I feel very sad about it. :( You, too, will feel sad okay! Okayyyy... Today Kenneth says Chinese was fun, because he got 41/50. Then he very happy.

And he's been Mahjong-ing lately. Lose money, win money, never lose never gain, I don't know. I am not interested in any gambling related stuff. Mainly because I don't really know the concepts and all. :$ Don't laugh lah okie!!! It's good anyway. He supposed to Mahjong today again, but since they're short of 1 person, they didn't Mj. Instead, Kenneth went to emo at home. Not only that, still play dotA.

Where's the fun in dota, seriously. You just click here click there, pwn someone's head for 250 gold (LOL, i think?), then kill some monsters and an hour has passed. And a game is so long! Wth, should shorten the time!

Hmm, yeah. My eyes are pretty much closing soon. I've still gotta wake up early for school tmoz. Saddest thing ever. Actually no, it's not the saddest thing ever. The most heart wrenching thing is that, you see something get slaughtered infront of you. Be it a fish, a rat, a cat, an insect(ok i dont rly care much bout insects), pig, frog, whatever... It really hurts. Imagine you're the animal or wtv @@. Aww, I'm crapping. Someone's gonna say I'm mad. Who gives! Okay, I shall end here. Baibai ppl, ♥

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