Sunday, February 14, 2010

Cause it feels like an overdose.

Hie pe0pl3x. Firstly, Happy valentine's day! :DD and then, Secondly, happy lunar new year for chinese! ;)

Kenneth is very mao dun. First say, he don't love me. Then he say he love me too much until cannot explain. Like totally .___. rightzx!! Then... He also keep saying I no hair, I literally no hair. Like he's got alot of hair, isn't it?! He go cut skin head best laaa. ;> Doesn't it suit him well? TEEHEE :B I think he's on his way to tpy now to bai nian. He got alot of $$ already right? Need help me buy lingerie and valentine's day pressie and pure chocolate hor! ;) HAHAHA. But this kind of lao ahpek... Will buy one meh! :/

He also owes me 24hours lehz. ;( He 2day no time spent with me, I vehli dah sadz. So I ask him accompany me 24hours, he say "tell me you love me first !" then now he owes me 24hrs! ;) And, I'm verli zeelouz about something, he last night went to watch midnight valentine's movie with some girl!! :@ Nahhhhh, kiddingz. But there was a girl there though O: whatever lah sialz~ He want make love with other girls also his house problem alreadyz @@.

Tonight... He's gonna be drinking with Myj and idk who. Then later he'll be heading to love hotel make love with some girls. Then go their houses. Then morning then he'll head home. Allllll well planned out. "I'd rather make love than fight." LOLZ!! That's random. It's a lyric from KennethT's songs .___.

Anyway, this arseh0le used to make me feel like that...
"What you got boy is hard to find
I think about it all the time
I'm all strung out, my heart is fried
I just can't get you off my mind"

HAHA. I guess this will be the only sweet part in this bloody nonsensical post!! :/ I'm sorry kthc~
Okay, i gotta go already. BYEBYE PEOPLE. LOVE ME (L)

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