Friday, February 12, 2010

( Kenneth is the one at the right, looking retarded! )

Kenneth is my dumb x6.
Kenneth just admitted being dumb today. (Y)
Kenneth did not attend school today.
Kenneth is not going to school tomorrow again.
Kenneth is influencing me with his ditching-school habit so I'm giving school a miss tomorrow as well.
Kenneth makes me stare blankly at this page for twenty five minutes thinking about what to type.
Kenneth's tattoo will be gone in no time because he's damn fierce/unfriendly/dao to me. ^^

I am damn exasperated because I'm stuck at the sentence above -.-
In my entire life, I've only helped MYJ blogged once or twice. Beginner stillz!
Kenneth is the second, honored or not?! Sweet right! ^^
I'll persuade this blog's owner to blog soon yupyupyup.
Time for bed since I'm stuck again, ohwellszzzz..
Goodnight! ♥!

For Kenneth only laaaaa. :')

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