Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hongster or non-hongster?

I like this peek, don't you? ;)

Here to help KennethTanHongChang to blog again. Seriously, I'm so kind can!

HEHE, so anyway, today's topic will be...
Do you think Kenneth Tan's a hongsterrrrrr? Hehe, comments and opinions on the tagboard pl0xx! ;) Cause he claimed he isn't...

And evidence? The text he sent me!
" Only hongsters lie to girls , unlike me . So nice one ~ . "
HAHA, so anyway. Do post your opinion on the tagboard keh. :>

Yarghhhhh. Okay, so he's trying to act cute. Cause my legs are hurting, he asked me to put plaster. And I'm actually meaning my bones, how am I supposed to put plasters on my bones! Act cute leyz! Tsk. 

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