Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Hi ppl, again! :> You know, the usual= Kenneth's lazy 2 blog so he asked me to help him! Really should close down your blog niaoz! Tskkkk. I'm like such a good person y'knw, keep helping ppl blog! :<

I want continue my series of Hi my sweetheart then he asked me blog one leh, distrupt my plans, mean isn't he? Still want count valentine's present leh, I don't want count present, I want count $$, hehehehe. (L)

And he owes me pure chocolate, must remember buy for me try ahz. ^^

K.ennethT - says:
*BUy for yoou 
Note: I didn't force him @ all :)So, yeah. He must buy for me. :):):) I've got nut thing else tuh post niao. So buaiibuaii ♥

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