Thursday, February 4, 2010

Harder than you know.

Hi readers, I got back from school an hour ago, and bathed finished, used comp, and chatted with Kenneth Tan for 5 minutes and he just logged off msn, and the reason why I'm posting is cause he wants me to help him post while he's outside. Hehe, poor kid. Needs to reach home in about 4hr 33mins more. :>

And obviously I'm not gonna post as long as the previous previous's post, cause took up all my braincells and left me with a blank head. Mmh, so sad, he can't watch 6+ onward's movies, hehe. Shan't say him lahhor, cus some ppl these few days treat me vehli gud leyz! (L) hor hor hor?

Snore, I'm pretty tired already, feel like sleeping. And irritating fuckers have been irritating the shit out of me! Low tolerance for bullshit and crappy talks. Don't know why I'm ranting on kthc's blog, I guess it's to make the post longer, since he requested a longer post? O; Whatever, I'm lazy to blog on my own blog anyway, hehe.

And screamo songs are nice, don't you think so. It kinda makes me feel better listening to it while I'm pissed, don't know why. This is totally random, but I just listened to one and I remember kthc agreeing with myj that it sucks. -_-" Anyway, it sucks losing your mp3s, cause then, where ever you go, you need to go music-less, and it's so bloody boring. ):

Okay, I should stop now, my eyes r closing, and I spent about 47 minutes on this blog post, posting nonsense :/ Hehe, and I'll end this post with his bird face! ^^ (plz dont killz moi when eu see dhiis !)

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