Thursday, February 18, 2010

Kenneth is a big idiot!

Doesn't everyone agree with this post's title? :>

I'm currently eating kinder bueno! "Hang on, I'm bueno-ing!" HAHAHA. Okay, whatever. And so cool, I got the pic right again! He wants this pic and he didn't even tell me where he want it from!!! :D How smart of me.

Anyway, he made me very happy today. 

He got me something like that, only the bear is smaller and it's brown, and it's attached to the roses. And there's only 3 roses! HAHAHA. (Y) Idiot jiu shi idiot. ♥ Right? And he want con me into helping him blog leh. Msn halfway tell me "Hi i love you. Help me blog." Idiot enough anot?! Still everytime say I no hair, lack of hair, noob, big noob, and etc! Stupid little big idiot!

Hahah, and he stalk me leh, so cute right! But... Too bad lah, I don't care, and I don't love him! I love the bear more, and he got jealous! Then tell me... Want go hong other girls already. HEHEHE :> Jealous then say lah ok! ^^

I don't feel like blogging long today, because recently, when Kenneth asks me to help him blog, he didn't include the "longlong" and I actually blogged longer and longer. Going become old grannie already. Sad case! So today I'm not gonna blog long! Kbaix!! ^^

And he said I post slower than a turtle. Turtles can't type you know, you little big idiot. HAHA.Mintiannisiwodeoh!

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