Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Poor little thingy.

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Wassup geeks! Meow, I don't know why the hell am I posting... but yes. Perhaps ascribed to the stupid fact that stupid Housefly has gone to the court? :O Yea, he went for his hearing & was pathetically sentenced 15months of probation. As a result, he gave school a miss today and probably he's busy and that perhaps explains the reason why I'm here. So poor thing. No clubs, no tonning over, no CNY celebrations, no birthday party, no x'mas party etc. As you can see, so that explains the picture on top. Ok, let's offer our condolences. Oops. AHAHAHAHAHA. Hmm, I'm not very sure if I was allowed to write all these down... However, this seems to be the only thing to talk about isn't it, Housefly? So don't blame me if I'm supposed to be barred from stating all these particular details down down down. Hehe. At this time, I guess he's otw or perhaps at Tpy to find his dumb x2 probation officer. Alright, I'll let Ktcy do the rest of the elaboration and writing about the happenings himself. (If there's still something he would like to further talk about on.) As for now, let me just end it hereeee. Goodbye!

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