Monday, January 11, 2010

Pinky pokey piggy ,

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Part 1.

Second post on the board! Yuck, stupid housefly made me post for him again. (I must profess that I'm not doing it willingly ~) HAHAHA. Kenneth says: "I am a big big retarded monkey who doesn't know how to use the keyboard. So I need someone to post for me." AHAHAHAHA. Shhhhhh. He'll slaughter me into million of pieces if he sees this. Hehe. Alright, I'm wondering what should I post now. This time I have no idea what to write ascribe to the weariness I've obtained during dance lessons just now. My eyes are shutting soon. However, I don't feel like sleeping so early! Raaaaaa.

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Part 2.

SCREAAAAAAAM. I am dying soon. Stupid housefly keeps groaning over the fact that he's bored and has nothing to dooooooooo and yet he doesn't wants to post! What a dumb x2 rightrightright! Roaaaaaaaaaaaar. Still enjoying his life watching teevee. >;@

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Part 3

HOUSEFLY! Now I'm done blogging, so are you gonna reward me with some presents? ^-^ 14 more days to get me my birthday present okay! Big reminder stated here! Open your eyes big big and assimilate every word and bear them in mind! HEHEHE. :D Toodles!

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