Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ghost is back.

Hai pplz ghost is back to help Kenneth post! he want me to be creative and post alot of pixxxxxxzx. Wth!! hmmmmmz.... i dunno what to post, alamak. Ok, kenneth is gay. HAHAHA.

This is prove he's gay hehz. And his singing sure crack all the glass one. then all the damage fines he need to pay. Wtf i feel like i'm talking to myself. :/ Nevermind. He cracked all the glass, and unable to pay the fine, so that's why he got sued up to court and got probation :O is it a convincing story to you all? ^^ Actually, yea. It's just a story, it ain't real. Hahahahaz, ok la i nth to post alr, i dw post longlong for that dumbdumb he also ll right ^^ hehe kkkkkzxzxzx bai pplz!! :)

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