Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Heheeee. Hi pplz. I'm here to help a certain dumbpig to blog again. Shouldn't he just change his lazy habits? TSK. But nevermind. He's been TRYING to make me happy. Emphasize on the trying. ^^ Cause it actually isn't working, only at times when he gives me, something starts with C. But it's like only thrice. So it isn't really making me happy. *Shhhh. Keep this lil secret for me will you? :b

Alright, i bet Kenneth Tan wants me to write how nice and how cute he is. HAHA, i just mentioned how NICE he is on the above paragraph already. :O And to how cute he is... Actually he's not cute at all. He's just acting cute!! HAHAHAHA.

And, very sorry for the, super duper long time taken to post :/ I've been busy.~
I know Dummy will be kind enough to forgive me right? ^^ And, everyone's talking about 14siao~ Ohmygod, -.- Am speechless with that kind of people :O Lifeless? Probably.

I'm getting tired, *yawns*
Sorry dummy, for not writing a longlong post for you. I'll make it up to you next time alrightz? HEHEX

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