Thursday, January 28, 2010

Kenneth is not cute :)

Hi readers . Kenneth's being a pig yet again . Snoreee , really , he should just close down his blog (Y)

He come school , might as well don't come sialz . Recess jiu go report sick naoz , then pangseh me in MT , made me get irritated with the teacher . Hehez , nvm lah hor , 2day he help me revenge naoz . Funnyfunny . And , k lah , help him say some good words since I told him he wasn't cute and "hurt" his feelings just now . He can be very caring if he wants to yknw , ahas .

Anyway  ,what are you all doing for Valentine's day/CNY !? It's sooo boring , both same day . Yawns , nevermind la , hahaaa . No valentines ppl can be happy by getting angbao too rightz , must look on the bright side ! :> 

K la k la , iie dunchh hav3 ny'thiinqq tuhh p0st niia0z , buaiibuaiix ♥

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