Sunday, March 21, 2010


Am at some dark and quiet alley all alone nao and dumb2 Kenneth is replying me so slowly! But still nice to text me tho. He even reminded me of him breaching his dumb2 probation twice for the sake of me yay happwie gurl =^^= i'm bored so i shall be nice to give him a surprise post. He shall be touched and honoured h3h3. My maid is taking forever to come!! I shall continue pestering him till he realises the great posted for him when my battery is only left with 32% dang. Well, i remember i still owe you an apology and something sweet la kay. Sorry for not posting for you the other day, made you find someone else and still threw tantrums on you. Pouts hope you're not mad at me anymore! B4ib4i. (L)

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