Sunday, March 21, 2010

I don't belong, living in your precious memory.

Some people complained to me that he haven't seen me for 8 days, but I bet he's just missing a certian soft toy. Isn't that right? :/

And I am stuck on that line above.... Frustrating. Kenneth wants another l0ngl0ng post and I seriously have no inspiration whatsoever. He has been in a really foul mood nowadays and... Is he having his tidal wave? :$

Naaaaaah, I guess because he doesn't have hugx2 with him for the past 8 days and finally, his mind breaks down. Hehehe. (y) Fyi, hugx2 is essential for his quality sleep, I can tell. Becuz he's been mj-ing so much until he's dead tired and when they all leave, he can fall straight to sleep without missing hugx2. And he doesn't wanna admit it becuz it's far too cute for people to bear with it without dying of the immense cuteness. ^^

And, I told someone something and someone went :) - :( - :'(:'(:'(:'(:'( hehe! But anyway, as you can see, I am still here so someone can go back to :)/:D and continue his quest to......... (Insert stuffs here)

Argh!!!! I have nothing else to post, killing my braincells already. I am not full of crap today so I have got nothing to post at all. And I am going to sleep early 2nite because tmr school's starting and am a good girl attending it as you can already tell. And since Kenneth.T always claims that he's a "goodboy", let's see if he attends tmr. :)

Anyway i think that i should have an award for posting the most (if am not wrong) in his spider-web-growing blog. :@

She’s the girl who’s always laughing her ass off with her friends. You walk past her and you think, “Wow she must really be over me.” But no, she’s not over you, she wants you, but you never gave her a shot. She’s not faking that smile. She’s happy, but with you, she’d never stop smiling.

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