Saturday, March 20, 2010

Everything I think of you changes constantly.

Hai people , its 8am in the morning nao and i'm very bored so i decided to come and talk crap in this stupid space . Had been mj-ing non stop since yesterday 9pm :$ . Francis they all just left and i'm skipping cso today to catch some sleep lateron . Why isn't there anyone online / awake nao to entertain me when i haven't been in a really nice mood this few days , :@ . Die , i think i've moodswings worst then girls when they PMS . :$ . Okay la , i talk alot of crap already . Need to go sleep already . baibai aliens/humans/monsters/dinosaurs .

You realizing that I am everything you ever dreamed of, & then my imagination breaks away from all my self control …and I imagine you & I together, just like I always have.

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