Friday, March 19, 2010

(Z) + (K) + (X) = (L)

(H)> :D > :) > :( > :'( > = (L)

HEHE. Type that out on msn, cute much? It's Kthc's previous pm & pm currently!! And he copied me >: Idiot much?? and ({) + (}) = HUGHUGZ! :>

K is anyone interested in the nerd pix Kenneth is in?? The pix i mention on 15 March!! Well nao it's for you all to seeee because he said he wanted a cute ttm pixxie of him and i was gna go fb to look but he reminded me himselfffff ^^

K.ennethT - says:
*actualy i know you will use camp one :@
seee! hehe :$ ok.... the pix shall be up....

CAN YOU SPOT HIM?????? :O Enlarge it if you can't!!!! hehe. :$ Aww, don't be angry with me :$:$:$ he is gna play l4d(2) at parklane later i think? so stalkers pl0zpl0xpl0s go and stalk him!! :O he wants me to write a long and sweet post for him but.... no such thingszx!! ppl also need go out one ley, plus....

I sacrifised my eating time for him!!! sweet much?? >:

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