Saturday, March 27, 2010

Climb so fast just to fall again.

Hi people. It's 8.22am nao and I'm feeling so lethargic but I sacrificed my beauty sleep for this ungrateful boy yet again. :( Yawn.

He's quite temperamental nowadays. Like ofcourse laa. 14 days (including today) not having hughug for him to hug to sleep= pure torture. I shall return him his hughug soon, as I am afraid he'll turn into a monster >: (FYI, hughug is on my lap nao, jealouz? ^^)

Anyway, I've a great pixcha to show everyone reading this space! :)

See the small lil guy standing (last row), standing 2nd from the left? Guesssss who?! Hehehe if you're guessing, 99.9% of you are right, it's the self-proclaimed "cute" KennethT! :> Awww, he's so gna kill me if he sees this, but who gives! He's the one torturing me nao. :(

Anyway, random boy here told me last night that I don't keep my promise, so I am going to prove that I can! :> Whoopwoot!
And he asked me to makan, but if I makan he complain I fat, but "sweet" boy here's afraid that I'll get gastrics if I don't eat. By now, I'm already thinking of my fav soft boiled egg. :$

Okay, I am going to bed nao. My eyes r closing by itself already. I shall makan when I wake up, hehe. 

Love is missing someone whenever you’re apart, but somehow feeling warm inside because you’re close in heart.

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