Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Three: To love you.

Kthc requested for me 2 blog for him again. He's gone to Neverland and he's never coming back becuz he met Peter pan and he wants to stay to look after the Lost Boys with him & defeat baddies like Captain Hook. :/

Last night he, as usual, mj-ed. Won (insert number here) but still isnt satisfied becuz he actually could've won (insert number here). Then becuz he played so long (until like, 7 in the morning?) he apologized for neglecting me (Y). I've no idea why they can manage to play for such long periods of time, maybe it's cuz I don't understand how to play mj but stilll... Staring at the tiles and thinking of what to throw, and keeping concentrated cuz someone might throw the tile you want... It'll give me a massive headache. And I can almost imagine someone calling me "Noob" already -______-"

Anw am feeling real agitated right nao and I feel like doing what I did in my dream: Buying a driller and drilling someone's head! :@ Arghz, I decided to blog for him nao because I've nothing to do anymore. My eye & brain cells are killing me, thinking of where to search, or if it's under some stuff or whatsoever. Arghz!! Bloodddddyhellz. :@:@:@ the book doesn't have legs so it can't run away from where I last put it, can it?

Oh joy. I've to let ppl wait for me and nag at me later on, again. >: Troublesome gayshit this is. I shall continue with burning my braincells for a stupid book >:

The problem with love is that you can love whoever you want, but so can he.

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