Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hughughughughughug >:

This post shall be a short and sweet one about what happened todayyyyyyyyyyy . First , i woke up at 12 2day , used com and dilly dally til 12.30 . Went to bath and head down bugis . Then to rochor , 4bl and then cab down depot . Did all the praying stuffs and pretty much was just shaking leg down there do nothing . Left at 7.30 and head home . Waited for Francis and Anjing to come for mj . That fucking francis got drunk and didn't want to leave ! :@:@:@:@ . Kicked them out at 12am and used the stupid com til nao .

ESTELLEYONGXINWONGYIMIEMILIAEMELYNE WANTS ME TO DEDICATE A POST FOR HER . HERE IT IS , Idk what to say so all i've to tell you is that you've no hair , you stole my hughug away , you suck ballz , you're nerd , you're happy cause i dedicate my post for you :$ and lastly you love me for this post ! And you better do . Oki baibai !

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