Monday, March 15, 2010

A perfect explanation.

Am being a kind soul and helping Kthc blog becuz his usual bloggers r out of town and he needs someone desperately to update his spiderweb-growing-space. (y)

He's just finished mj-ing with unknown people and he was supposed to win alotalot of $$ but ite won only (insert number here) and he feels :@ about it becuz he's thinking of all the $$ he could've pocketed. And last night he slept a happy man becuz he went to drink with alotalot of girls (i am juz kidding about this part) and before that went to a bbq. And poor him has to run around since ystd morning for the bbq and reason why I said he was poorthing: he had muscle aches, just like me, from camp.

Am feeling weary becuz of the long day I had, waking up so early, not sleeping a wink after that, drinking, cycling, falling down, and contacts feeling so dry but can't take them out. Sad case isn't it? And am being irritated by poor fuckers on msn, nudging me every few seconds when they can... Sad case ttm. Whole body's aching yet staying up to talk to just one idiot. Hao naise can i get!

He's complained that I didn't step foot into his blog for a loooooooooong time, and he wants a wordy longy post. Weeeeeeeeeell. I've got nth left to post, sad case #2.

+++++++++++ .....
I saw Kenneth's totally nerd pix and you non-damaians didn't seeeeeee! ^^
I shall save it in muai phone and show it to everyone sooooon :>
Ttfn, don't kill me. Hehez.

Sometimes, to love someone is bizarrely difficult. It takes a link by fate and years of memories.
But always, to love someone and to re-love someone again, it is so inexplicably exotic because it takes a glance to flush back years of memories and then to allow a floodgate of emotions to engulf you.

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