Saturday, March 6, 2010

Only from the heart can you touch the sky

A stick always lightens my mood after every quarrel & fight .

Hi , I promised someone to blog tonight thus i'm here with no idea to blog whatsoever . I had a really boring day today so i'm not going to elaborate much about that too . Thus i'm left with nothing esle to blog so i shall start typing crap in this space . Idk if i should go club tonight or drink or stay at home and rot my day away since it makes no difference as i already did for the earlier part of today . And i'll be might be watching movies with an idiot tomorrow if i don't happen to go out with my mum , anyone wants to join ? C: . Alright , now that i'm done blogging for today , I hope my blog doesn't start to grow "grass " . Short and sweet .

Only by the heart, and not the mind, Can love be measured or defined.

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