Monday, March 8, 2010

Missing you just runs too deep.

I'm running out of ideas to keep this space alive so, I shall force the blog owner to update tomorrow before he leave for his camp. We shall join forces to coerce him into updating alrightz!! :D

Anyhow, we caught Being Human Being today at Century Square. We were late for the movies because some idiots wants to smoke and buy popcorns! Overall, this movie is kind of..senseless. But we all had a gr8 laugh with the "hot" thing. Went over to Bedok to meet Willy and company to slack till around 8pm. Kenneth is an idiot because he caused us alight one stop earlier and toured around Bedok! But oh well, they're sweet enough to send me back before U-turning back to their own houses. :) Thank you Xin2 and Ken2!! ♥

I shall end here now because it's getting late.
Goodnight readers.

To love from love : Bang wall before you crawls into your bed. Goodnight and remember to fetch me from school!!!!!! :)

Because I believe that, we can be extraordinary together rather than ordinary apart. ♥

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