Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Hi dummy! I'm here once againnn. I hacked in this time so... Don't hate me pretty pleaze? Heheh you know waiting for your call can be so boring?? Dang you boohoo :(

Eh eh I know being late is my bad but I still went to fetch you right! Sorry if I made you angry by pinching your face. Aww, I know you won't bear to be mad at me right right? ^~^

You have yet to post on my blog if you realised, ass! Well I shall forgive you this time since you sayang my wound today.. Oie!! Lying is a sin you know?! *sew shut Okie nao your secret is safe with me :\

See you outside your school tomorrow! Promise to be on time. Since the title of the previous post is also my ink, I named your post with another ink of mine too LOL. Enough of crapping. I'm dozing off already. You better call me sooooon. Kthxbai ^^v

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