Thursday, March 11, 2010

All I have is all of me, and it's all that I can give.

Thankfully his text messages is still in my inbox if not I won't be able to find my way here. He's going to reprimand me for not remembering his password and username againnn.

Fuckyoulaaa blog owner is currently in some Jungle feeding mosquitoes, but I guess he's having campfire now. Poor boy told me the meals there suck and he did not sleep well. >: He sent nuclear bomb to my phone last night but I was already in dreamland. Yes, I ought to murder myself. Z face. He called me again this morning but I was still asleep, thus, he text me to remind me to blog for him and said he luv me tons. (Y)

Oh well, he'll be back tomorrow and I'll also be flying.
Miss me blogging for him for x days okie. ^^
Goodbye. :)

I'm falling apart, I'm barely breathing.
With a broken heart, that's still beating.
In the pain, there is healing.
In your name, I find meaning.

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