Friday, March 5, 2010

A Perfect Explanation

Too bad I don't care I 'peeved' into his blog again hahehoho!! He self proclaims that I'm dumb because I told him ... like whattheheck only!! Meanie. Ok whatever. Since I'm in such a blithe mood today, I'm not to mention hao mean or contrary or naughty he is but to reveal to his readers hao nice he can actually be okay ^-^

The very first time we set our eyes on each other, he was very very shy. He dare not even introduce himself to me even though his brother told him to haha! The very next time we met was at my chalet when he was nice enough to breach his probation and stayed at the chalet for the sake of me hee!! But well, although his stay didn't last for long cos stupig Bryan brought him to drink but better than nothing boohoo. The third time was when I managed to psycho him all the way to Ehub to look for me LOL. Aww hao sweet right? Followed by 'reporting' and headed down to Depot together, the first time he left a scar on me, the first time he showed his care, the first time he took off the rough side of him and sayang me. Ling ding dong~ Only yesterday, I was so nice to fetch him from his school and tagged along till he had to entertain so many of his friends and forgot all about me hate him ttm tsktsk!

Well, the most memorable memory was when he sang me a birthday song and can you believe it I recorded it down. Haha this sillybum's birthday song always cheers me up~ Although he wasn't really very willing to sing it but he still was glad I'm contented so easily right, oinkoink? Afterall, I just want to thank you for being so nice to a ignorant girl like me and for enduring my childish-ness. :)

Yay I'm so nice I think this is the longest post he ever had in his site. Ding dang dong he owes me one ^^v

P.S KTHC you should really stop saying you're more adorable than me!! (pouts x100)

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