Monday, March 1, 2010

Perfect Lullaby

Obviously the very nice birthday girl me, is posting for the very-lazy-pigpig+dummy+bully+kuku+hunneh. He is forever lazy, right?? Boo!! I have not even uploaded any images of my chalet for my own blog yet I'm here for this lazybum. Hao nice can I get?? Well, least this dummy sang a birthday song for me (solo) and I was rather touched so... I guess it's fine. H3h3. Ehhh. I don't know what to post ley~ Want pix from that web, want long posts, want this and that. He think he boss ah!! I call the shots today ogeys. Hate chux. Blehs :P

Ok fine. Mr. Nice made an effort to come for my chalet and looked for me 3 times. Kool~ I shall be nice back to him next time pinky promise. (if you can see, i'm still trying to make the post looks longer in case my boss complaints sighs) Hmm, a rather 'good boy' he have been for reaching home in time. Hahah!

Dingdangdong. Kenneth likes 'pot calling the kettle black'. He keeps calling me dummy. Pouts x100. Neway, I know he'll love me for this LOL. Kthxbai ^-^

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